Eleganter My Forest Friends 3 In 1 Toy Box
Eleganter My Forest Friends 3 In 1 Toy Box

Eleganter My Forest Friends 3 In 1 Toy Box

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The Tooky Toy 3 in 1 Toy Box is a timeless and versatile playset that combines three engaging toys into one delightful package. This multifunctional set includes a shape sorter toy, a bear stacker toy, and an adorable elephant push and pull toy, along with a plastic shape sorter bucket, providing children with a wealth of learning and entertainment opportunities.

The shape sorter bucket features five colourful shape holes, encouraging children to practice shape recognition and problem-solving skills as they match the shapes to the corresponding holes. This fosters cognitive development and critical thinking from an early age.

The bear stacker toy, comprising a tower with four rings and a bear head, enables children to enhance their fine motor skills as they stack the rings in order of size, a fun and educational activity that challenges their dexterity and coordination.

The elephant push and pull toy adds an extra dimension to the set, allowing children to practice walking and balance as they pull the toy behind them or push it in front, promoting physical development and active play.

With all the blocks and rings fitting neatly into the bucket, complete with a convenient carry handle, storage and transport are a breeze, making this set a perfect companion for on-the-go learning and play.

Tooky Toy's 3 in 1 Toy Box is not only entertaining but also educational, promoting shape recognition, fine motor skill development, and imaginative play. Crafted from durable materials and painted with child-safe, non-toxic paint, this set ensures hours of safe and enjoyable entertainment, making it a valuable addition to any child's toy collection.