Glass On The Grass - Summertime
Glass On The Grass - Summertime

Glass On The Grass - Summertime

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Bring on Summer!

For the perfect picnic. Slip-on wine glass coasters that stabilise your wine glass on grass, picnic blankets, sand and outdoor tables. Just slide them on your wine glass before you poor your first drink and leave them on. They are light, portable, easy to use, save your glass tipping. Choose your favourite colour and you will also be able to identify your glass.

Designed and made in Australia using eco-friendly production using partially recycled material and has no production waste.

Ideal for holidays, picnics, festivals and camping. They are also great for home entertaining - just take your glass outside. As we like to say, 'Life's too short to spill wine'. Glass on the Grass, for when you want to drink out of a real wine glass outdoors.

It comes in a pack of 4 wine coasters in an eco-friendly bag. The perfect picnic accessory.