Llorens Spain Baby Doll - Seta 42cm
Llorens Spain Baby Doll - Seta 42cm

Llorens Spain Baby Doll - Seta 42cm

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Hand made in Spain
Product code: L74032

The Llorens Baby Doll is like a real baby and is a special toy for every child. The design is completely Spanish and artisan-made. All Llorens dolls adhere to European child safety regulations, guaranteeing that your children will have fun in the safest way possible. Muñecas Llorens firmly believes in looking after the planet, which is why most of their products are made of 100% wool, including organic wool and a selection of high-quality recycled and organic textiles. Llorens dolls are really incredible, and we’re convinced they will become one of your child’s favourites to play with.

Fabric body with vinyl limbs

Sound Mechanism ( Newborn that laughs and cries )

Recommended for ages 3 years+

Clothing made using Lana Wool

Size: 42cm